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Offers Portal System

If you have a placement related question please email SHLSPlacements@tees.ac.uk

Welcome to the Offers Portal System where you can choose your Preferred Options and Service Improvement Placement areas and Adult students can select their third year placement setting preference.

The system enables you to choose from a variety of placement categories for your Preferred Options placements and for the Service Improvement placement, you can choose a specific placement area. Adult students can choose hospital or community experience in Placement 6.

Confirmation emails are sent to your student account once you have confirmed or saved your options for the relevant placement.

Once all requests have been made and the system has closed, the placements office liaise with the placement areas and when confirmed, your placement will appear in ARC POWNet. This will normally be four weeks prior to the placement commencing.

Unfortunately there may be occasions where your choice cannot be facilitated. If this is the case, the placements office will liaise with you directly to request another choice. Due to unforeseen circumstances, this can sometimes occur close to the start date of the placement.

If you have not made the relevant selection prior to the Offers Portal System closing, you will be allocated a placement by the placements office, therefore giving up your element of choice.

If you have a placement related question, please email sohsc.records.placements@tees.ac.uk.